Guest Testimonials

Testimonials 2019

“Pam, It has always been a pleasure working with you!”

S Nour 6/10/19

“Pam, You are amazing!  Like the best customer service I’ve ever dealt with.”

N. Chokr 6/8/19

“renting this property next week on your platform has been beautiful. From the initial rental, the app, communication and everything.”

Tom L., 6/3/19

“Matt, thank you for all of this information. I am absolutely certain that owners appreciate working with you because you are smart, honest, responsible and available!”

Margaret R., 5/23/19

“I would prefer to do business with you because you are truly a thoughtful professional and a sweetheart as well! Thanks Pam!”

M. Cashman 4/26/19


“You have been so great thank you so much!  I was just telling my mom what a treat you have been and how knowledgeable you are with everything it makes us want to use you and see the beautiful Eleuthera!”

Annie B., 4/22/19

“Pam, Thank you Pam for making it so easy and also the recommendation on Wild Orchids....we are very excited!!!  Wish we were leaving tomorrow :)”

Brant B  4/15/19

“We had such a FABULOUS time!!!!  Think we have found our place, easy to get to and Pam you helped TREMENDOUSLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It wouldn’t have been as good a trip if I hadn’t of spoken with you.  I’ve already told several people and they even took notes!!!”

L Templeton 4/12/19

“Pam, Thank You so much for all of your help and suggestions. You made our  trip so easy and pleasant 😎.”

M. Giordano 4/3/19



“Matthew at Eleuthera Vacation Rentals was FABULOUS! We booked this home through him. He responded very quickly to all my email questions! And I had a lot! I cannot express enough how highly I recommend this company!

Wendy S., 3/21/19

“Awesome!! You guys are so good!”

Leslie F., 3/15/19

“Pam, thank you so much you have been so kind and super helpful.”

E. Cain 3/13/19

“Thank you Pam, you have been so helpful with the planning and it is much appreciated!”

D Santora  3/13/19

“Pam, Thank you very much!! This, so far, has been the smoothest vacation rental with extensive pre trip information my wife and I have had.. and we have been doing a Caribbean trip every winter for the past 8 years!  I will HIGHLY recommend Eleuthera rentals to friends that travel like we do!!!”

D Collier 3/11/19

“You have been a complete pleasure to work with and we are delighted to be in correspondence with you!!”

Hala B., 3/6/19

“Pam, Thanks for responding so quickly and you have provided me with excellent customer service!”

C Cole 3/4/19

“Thank you, as always for the amazing service you provide.”

Daryl F., 2/27/19

“Pam, You are a God send!! You’ve made this so much easier for me!”

K Roderick 2/20/19

“Pam, Thank you, thank you, thank you!  This vacation would not be possible without you, I truly appreciate all your help.”

C Gray 2/14/19

“Matt I commend you and Pam's stellar customer service that I have seen so far!  :-) World” class!

E Yeung 2/13/19

“Pam, you're the BEST! Thanks so so much!!”

J Sulce 2/6/19

“EVR has surpassed my expectations.”

Leslie F., 1/31/19

“Matt & David, I just wanted to let you know how incredibly helpful and responsive Pam was during my search for a rental in Eleuthera.  There were other houses I was considering but, in the end, I decided on Tourmaline in part because of the great experience I had with Pam and Eleuthera Vacation Rentals.”

Z Reitmeier 1/1/19


Testimonials 2018

“A big thank you to Pam.  She was so helpful when I was looking for a vacation rental.”

K Provencher 12/26/18

“Pam, Grazie bella!  You are the best!”

T Welgs 12/22/18

“Thank you, Matthew! I appreciate your patience and your thoughtful help.

Ann G., 12/7/18

“Pam, You made my day!!  We will book ASAP...given that it’s still available.   You are awesome!!”

L Strong 11/29/18

“Matt, I just wanted to thank you for all your help in assisting in planning our yoga retreat. It was a huge success, and you had a lot to do with that! If you ever need a recommendation I’d love to be able to “pay it forward,” so don’t hesitate to reach out.”

Kate M., 11/28/18

“Thanks for the quick response! You are the best! but you already know this.”

Lisa M., 11/11/18

“Matt, thanks again, it’s been a pleasure booking our trips to Eleuthera through you. You go above and beyond to make planning easier.”

Bill T., 11/10/18

“YOU are my go to guy for Eleuthera and you are so quick and thorough answering all my questions. Your website is one of my favorite places to look for a vacation rental.”

Lowell B., 10/28/18

“We had a wonderful trip! We had never even heard of Eleuthera and it did not disappoint. Thank you for always being right there when we had any questions. We will recommend you to our family and friends.”

Cheryl L., 7/29/18

“Matt, thanks for being so kind as to broker a rental for us. I really enjoy Eleuthera and appreciate the great customer service you have always provided.”

John L., 6/18/18

“Matt, thank you for the information.  You have been extremely helpful and each time I speak with you, I want to come more and more.”

Jennifer M., 5/30/18

“Your customer service is fantastic, for real!!”

Sarah C., 5/24/18

“I wanted to thank you once more for all the help you have given us. It is so refreshing to find someone who cares about your concerns and does whatever they can to help. I feel confident that my week with my family will be amazing. Thanks again”

Lynne C., 3/23/18

“Matt, I really appreciate how quickly you respond, have all that great info, and give honest answers of strengths/weakness’ of rental properties. As a frequent traveler you don’t see that very often and I hate it when sales people pressure. Thanks again for your help, it’s much appreciated.”

Cari L., 3/7/18

“Hi Tara & Pam, I was most impressed by the experience from start to finish. You were so communicative and provided all the information I needed to plan our trip easily. It was, frankly, the best experience I have ever had booking and enjoying a vacation! Thank you for all your efforts and friendly professionalism.”

Marcie W., 2/27/18

“Pamela, we appreciate how organized everything has been and that you have been very helpful and open to our questions.”

Tracy G., 1/23/18

“Thanks so much Matt. It is so gratifying to have someone like you who is always there to help. I appreciate it.”

Lynne C., 1/18/18

“Matt, I posted the review, but forgot to mention how fantastic you were to work with. You have been one of the most responsive rental agents I have ever worked with. Thank you. It was especially meaningful after we had had no communication at all from the St. John owner after the storm, and felt very nervous about our Xmas vacation plans.”

Melissa S., 1/20/18

“Hi Pam, Thank you for your efforts on our behalf! And thank you for the Things to do list! That is very helpful. And when do you sleep???”

Richard B., 1/16/18

“Pamela, you have been so wonderful while we were planning our trip, very responsive and helpful during our search and many questions.”  

Tammy B., 1/15/18

“Pam, you are an Angel!  Thanks for the help with the flights.”

 Paul D., 1/11/18

“Matt, Thank you so much for your always quick and thorough response.”

Lowell B., 1/9/18

“Pam, you could not have been more helpful to us in our renting both properties....we would certainly contact you again for our travel requirements.”

Tom S., 1/6/18

“Matt, Thank you for looking into this for me. I have been so impressed with your helpfulness and prompt attention to my many questions. You are very good at your job and have made planning for this vacation very enjoyable.”


Testimonials 2017

“Pam, thank you ever so much for your assistance.  Very efficient!”

Sherry M., 12/13/17

“Pam,you never fail to impress! Thank you so much!!!”

Allison A., 12/4/17

“Matt!  This is a great update    for things to do. You are the bomb!  Thanks for helping me figure this out.”

Carm D., 11/28/17

“Thanks Matt – you are always great to work with!”

Jeff H., 11/28/17

“And finally, many thanks for the assistance you provided along the way, including the great advice about car rental.”  

Mary R., 11/25/17

“Thank you Pam for your precious help!”

Edouard G., 11/18/17

“Pam, I cannot thank you enough for all your help! This trip would not be happening if it weren’t for you. Have a wonderful weekend and we are so looking forward to coming back to Eleuthera!”

Allison A. 11/11/17

“Pam, it is so wonderful to have people who really care help.”

Ena B., 11/4/17

 “Thank you so much for everything, you’ve been fantastic to work with….again.”

Charla P., 9/27/17

“Hi Tara and Pam! Wow! We had a wonderful vacation. Arguably the best vacation we have ever taken. I cannot imagine we will ever be able to top our “first” Eleuthera vacation. Thank you, Pam and Tara for all you did to make our vacation possible. Thank you to everyone at Eleuthera vacation rentals. I know you all work very hard to create a wonderful experience for all your guests. You have an excellent team. Every need was met and all my questions answered. Your information and advice were very helpful and thorough.”

James C., 7/26/17

“Thanks so much for all of your help and information. You have been a pleasure to deal with and very responsive. It is greatly appreciated!!”

Gregg B., 7/26/17

“Tara, Thank you for checking in! Everything was great! We really enjoyed the island and discovering all the beautiful beaches!! The house was very well equipped and the bedrooms laid out perfectly for our two families. Thank you for checking in before and after the trip. You both have been very responsive with any questions we have had throughout the whole process. We appreciate all you all did.”  

Traci L., 7/9/17

“Thanks for being so good at what you do!”

Margaret R., 7/8/17

“Pamela, Thank you so much for your wonderful customer service, we really appreciate all your help! 

You've been amazing.”

Ivy L., 6/29/17

Matt, thank you for all of the great information about the home and the island.

And for making the booking process so easy. I used many of the resources you provided in your guide including the car rental, boat rental, fishing guide, restaurants, pool bars, grocery and chef services. We also used the guide to help us explore the island.”

Emily B., 6/25/17

“Don't know what I'd do without you. You've been a huge help. Thanks!”

Ann S., 6/22/17

“Thank you so much.  I’m so impressed with your timely responses and for being so accommodating.”

Debra B., 6/21/17

“We thoroughly enjoyed our stay at Buttonwood and hope to return soon. Thank you for making it such an easy booking experience.”

Dennis T., 6/4/17

“Matt: Awesome! Thanks for your patience. Let me know where I give you a great review, you are a real gentleman, and so on top of things. Your owners are lucky to have such a good representative.”

Richard H., 6/4/17 

“And again, I appreciate all the assistance we've received from you.  With all the traveling I've done, I don't think I've ever experienced this level of support.”

Karen O., 5/12/17

“We feel so lucky to have found you!! You have been incredibly helpful!!!”

Sarah S., 5/2/17

“Thanks, Matt. I do want to tell you I appreciate your service. You and your team do an excellent job! I am always amazed at how quickly you respond to my emails and I know the prospective guests appreciate that as well.”

Patricia Y., 3/29/17

“Thank you so much. You have been so helpful and a pleasure to work with. Our family is very excited!”

Gail O., 3/24/17

“I have heard wonderful things about working with you, and they all seem to be 100% on point.  Thanks again for everything!”

Cheryl H., 3/6/17

“You’re the best. Pineapple air opened up two flights no questions asked. Throwing your name around gets things done around there, my friend!”

Shawn C., 2/22/17

“Wow- you are good! I love all the details you include and the way you communicate. I really appreciate it - great info!”

Emily J., 2/8/17

“Thank you so much, Matthew. It's been a pleasure to experience your professionalism.”

Sara T., 1/22/17

Dear Matthew, thank you so much for all your great customer service. I am travelling 10 times a year, worldwide, but you really made the difference for the Bahamas!”

Roger T., 1/20/17

“You were wonderful to deal with and your assistance is greatly appreciated.”

Rachelle T., 1/10/17

“Hello Matt, Thank you again for renting to us on such short notice and of course, we had a wonderful time. Most everyone we ran into 'knew you' and had nothing but very nice things to say.”

Rob H., 1/9/17

“Thanks for always being so prompt and helpful.  You give great customer service!”

Michelle S., 1/7/17

"Thanks so much - you're the greatest!”

Roslyn W., 11/15/17

“The team at Eleuthera Vacation Rentals (Matt Simon, is who we worked with) was so helpful and every important quality of a rental we wanted, he nailed it along with keeping us in our price range. They also were so informative of every aspect of the island; who to rent vehicles from, restaurants to try and many more helpful tips. They were extremely punctual with emails typically within an hour response time. Any question at any point in time they were there with the answer. The whole group couldn't of been happier with our entire experience from start to finish. I highly recommend this property and working with Matt!”

Mona N., 11/14/17


Testimonials 2016

“Thanks so much - you're the greatest!”

Elias C., 12/30/16

“We are so looking forward to working with you not only on this trip in June, but going forward. You've made it a really comfortable move from Hotels to house rentals. And I thank you for that.”

Edward B., 12/24/16

“Matt - thank you for all of this great info!  Your email made this so easy! The moms are planning on getting together to decide so any guidance towards what you would recommend would be wonderful!!! I just read that you are the guy to talk to. So glad we found you!”

Tina T., 12/23/16

“Thank you, everyone, for putting your heart and soul into representing my property.  We truly appreciate the time and effort that you put promoting our little cottage and providing top notch service while guests are there.  Please have a look at this amazing review!”

Shawna, 12/6/16

“Matt was gracious beyond words… This was our first trip to the Bahamas and we feel lucky to have found this gem of a house. We are plotting a return! Thank you, Matt, for your tremendous insight.”


“Thanks for your dedicated, reliable and professional management services Matt.”

Ashley G., 11/3/16

“You know are just the BEST property manager ever!  So prompt, polite and accommodating!  I just want to thank you for going above and beyond!  If we had a rental property in Eleuthera, you would definitely be our manager!”

Kate M., 10/17/16

“I have to say, you have been a consummate professional. I really really appreciate your acumen and graciousness. I never forget kindness.”

Blaine S., 10/9/16

“These (homes) are amazing! Thank you so much for your attention to detail and prompt responses!!”

Jessica K., 9/29/16

“I am just getting back in front of my computer after a WONDERFUL trip. I want to personally thank you for the information you sent to us prior to the trip. It allowed me to adequately prepare and thoroughly enjoy our stay in Endless Summer and Eleuthera. We did almost all there is to do on the island and had no complaints. We will 100% recommend you guys, the house, and the island to our friends and family. The staff that we encountered were so very friendly and accommodating. Thank you again for a trip of a lifetime.”

Lauren G., 8/15/16

“Thank you for all your help and answering soooo many of my questions for our trip! YOU ARE AWESOME!”

Sue Z., 8/8/16

“Thank you for checking in Tara and as always, a big thank you to Matt who always helps out with my last minute phone calls at times of need. It is always appreciated and a testament to the quality of Eleuthera Vacation Rentals, Inc.”

Mary & Christopher, 7/29/16

“You've been great with communication, instant responses & helpful info. If you ever need a reference for someone else, I’m happy to leave you a raving review!!!”

Colleen B., 7/18/16

“What I like about you guys is that you do such a great job of keeping your clientele up to date!”

David S., 7/11/16

“You are a great person to work with. Appreciate all your help. Thank you”

Patty A., 7/8/16

“You're the best!”

Elizabeth T., 6/28/16

“We love it!!! All 20 of us arrived today from five different cities!!! The condos are fabulous and we can't wait to wake up in the morning and start discovering this beautiful island. Sonja was fabulous meeting and greeting all of us! It's exactly what we were looking for.”

Susan A., 6/22/16

“You've been great through all of this. Thank you so much for your continued help and prompt responses.”

Sarah E., 6/16/16

“You guys rock!”

Shannon M.,4/19/16

“Thank you sooo much this is so helpful and just the guide I need. Thanks for being helpful and responsive. It is appreciated. Planning a vacation is hard work.”

Cynthia S., 4/12/16

“Thanks for the connect Matt - Christina gave us some great information!” “BTW, wanted to again thank you for the book you put out. It really set the wheels in motion for us down here. In addition to Eleuthera, we spent a lot of time in Long Island & Exuma over the last couple of years and used your realtor contacts there. We purchased land in Little Exuma and are down here now!”

Chris C., 4/11/16

“Thank you Simon, I felt very safe with my dealings with you, and you always answered my questions quickly, will recommend you to others who would like to rent.”

Rose B., 3/15/16

“We had a lovely time! Thanks for asking. The cottage was perfect for us and such a comfortable place to come home to after trekking around the beaches- the most beautiful I have ever seen. I almost don't want anyone to know about Eleuthera as it is still so unspoiled. It definitely is an exercise in human restraint to keep it that way. I heard Matt's name floating around a nearby table at French Leave- Seems the owners were very happy with how he was managing their home to rent. Keep up the good work!”

Adrienne, 3/4/16

“I have to say though, next time I will most definitely use your service Matt. The multiple emails checking in, you made the whole process easy!”

Jennifer D., 2/26/16

“Thanks so much Matt! You are so helpful & prompt! If you ever need a referral-feetel free to send someone my way or I’m happy to leave a review somewhere!”

Colleen B., 2/18/16

“We would love some assistance in finding another comparable spot. I have come across Mr. Simon's name throughout my research, and his reputation is terrific!”

Hugo F., 1/14/16

“And you have been so wonderful! This has been such a bright spot for me!! I just can’t thank you enough!!”

Pam F., 1/6/16

Testimonials 2015

“Matt. Thanks for your patience and persistence. I see why you are so highly recommended on the on-line reviews!”

Mike G., 12/26/15

“You are incredibly helpful! We really appreciated and we're so looking forward to it!”

Joelle M., 10/7/15

“You did a fabulous job presenting us with so many wonderful options. I look forward to working with you on all the details.”

Kristi S., 10/1/15

“You’re the best Realtor I’ve talked to in the Bahamas. I’m from FL had a beach in Guana for 4 years, spent the last 10 years in Costa Rica and want to move back to the Bahamas. If you can suggest a long term rental, 3k-$3,500 near beach or pool with access to school.”

Matthew R., 9/29/15

“The multiple reviews for your service were all great and I appreciate your prompt and thoughtful replies thus far!”

Andy K., 9/7/15

“Hey Matthew, I appreciate that. I love your island. You’re a very nice person.”

Mary L., 8/30/15

“Wow is all I can say. Your emails are amazingly quick and detailed. Thank you for your information, it will help us narrow down a property!”

Michael D., 8/9/15

“Thank you Matt for the great work you are doing and for the contributions you are making to Eleuthera Island you are great Matt.”

Butch, 8/1/15

“And I cannot end this review with a special thanks to our realtor, Matt Simon. To say he was "helpful" throughout the process of booking the house all the way through our check-in and stay would be somewhat of an understatement. None of us had ever been to Eleuthera and he provided all the information and resources we needed for a great vacation. Matt knows Eleuthera! (I nicknamed him "Mr. Eleuthera") I look forward to working with him again on another trip. Trust me, I will be back!!”

Joanna K., 7/27/15

“You are simply incredible.”

John C., 7/7/15

“Thanks Matt! You’re amazing!”

Sarah S., 6/30/15

“Thanks so much!! You are always so great at responding quickly!! I love that!”

Dahlia B., 6/27/15

“First of all, Matt and Tara with Eleuthera Vacation Rentals were absolutely wonderful to deal with and very helpful in pointing us in the right direction with regards to concierge (Tia Stubbs - the BEST!!!!)”

Homeaway Review, 6/27/15

“Working with Matthew and Tara was wonderful. The immediate responses I received and great information about the island made the process of renting extremely easy. Can we rate this 10 stars?”

Homeaway Review, 6/27/15

“Thanks Matt, you've been amazing.”

Marina F., 6/4/15

“On a side note have told them how great you always are. You are attentive, knowledgeable, responsive, and professional. All the thing that build a successful business and represents Eleuthera well.”

Karin, 5/3/15

“You're prompt and detailed and definitely ahead of any other team I've dealt with so far.” “I do love your promptness and the details you've provide. Your reviews are excellent also. It is definitely the scale of quality I'm searching for my visit.”

Shelley M., 5/1/15

“The folks at Eleuthera Vacation Rentals were so accommodating and any questions or concerns I had, (which were many) were met with immediate response and helpfulness. My husband and I have traveled a lot but we have never felt so well taken care of as we were here. It pains me to write this as I would rather keep it all to myself and not let anyone know about such paradise.”

Homeaway Review, 4/7/15

“Thank you Matthew! I want you and Dina to know that our family has traveled extensively around the world so I've worked with many different agents and you are by far the most efficient and helpful. I really can't praise you enough :-)”

Debbi D., 4/5/15

“I appreciate all your help. You are truly one of the most diligent and knowledgeable property managers we have found.”

Mary P., 4/3/15

“So appreciate your promptness. You are worthy of all the accolades in the reviews!”

Jean M., 3/24/15

“Thank you sooo much. It truly is a pleasure to work with you and your team. YOUR Buttonwood is magic! All the amenities one need and more than anyone could ask. Thank you for sharing.”

Steve & Cindy S., 2/10/15

“And thank you also for making the finding and booking of a good reservation an easy task. It looks like a beautiful condo and area. I wish we had found you much earlier!”

Jean D., 2/1/15

“Thank you for your advice in your book. I was able to save over $1500 by having the same attorney represent both buyer and seller.”

Henry P., 1/24/15

“It was a pleasure working with you. Your website, communications and response times are terrific, as well as your inventory of homes. Thanks again. Will certainly recommend you to anyone and contact you again if we ever have another opportunity in that part of the world.”

Terry K., 1/23/15

“Do you work 24/7? LOL! Thank you for the quick response!”

Barbara W., 1/27/15

Testimonials 2014

“I’m sorry we didn’t get to meet. I would like to add that I have been incredibly impressed by yourself and your team. You are extremely responsive, professional, yet personable and good humored. I am in sales myself and can see that this all comes very naturally to you.”

Phil K., 12/8/14

“You are making Eleuthera one of the rose it used to be some time ago. We the people love the help you have given to the community of James Cistern. We say thanks to you, please tell others for us.”

Fredrick N., 11/18/14

“Matt, you were part of the selling point on this property -- you were simply the nicest and most accommodating person we talked with and most professional. It matters.”

Elizabeth R., 11/10/14

“Matt, as I said, you are truly the best!!! Thank you for all you info, it was a big help, just what I needed!!”

Sara H., 10/30/14

“Ok great! Thanks again. For what it's worth, I really do enjoy dealing with you! Take care - you're just wonderful!”

Pam F., 10/23/14

“You are soo helpful:))”

Andrea S., 10/6/14

“It was definitely a vacation that we will never forget. You were great!”

Mike S., 9/20/14

“Thank you so much for all the activity info, this is really great news that we are able to rent all those stuff in the island, now the boys are very excited I really appreciated all extra info you have provided for us, thanks again Matt you are so helpful & extremely efficient!”

Andrea S., 9/13/14

“Getting excited for our trip. Thanks for your help you are really wonderful and responsive!”

Sarah P., 9/2/14

“WOW! Thank you for SUCH an incredibly helpful and detailed response. I've been renting on homeaway/flipkey/vrbo for years and I've never had someone respond back to me with the attachment that you did (AMAZING :)). Thank you so much for such well curated and helpful information. For someone that has never been to Eleuthera before, it confirmed that this is exactly what we're looking for.”

Katie T., 8/31/14

“OK great, many many thanks. And you REALLY helped me out in a huge way with the emergency rabbit out of a hat number for Christmas/New Years, I am so grateful!”

Friedrike M., 8/27/14

“Guys you two are the best and we will be delighted to put a message on your Facebook page. Not sure what we are doing next year we could be up to a party of 10. If Eleuthera is an option we will certainly book it through you.”

Ian J., 8/21/14

“Thank you, Matthew. Truly, you do outstanding work!”

Tetia M., 8/20/14

“You are amazing!! Thanks so much :)”

Jessica M., 8/12/14

“Thanks for everything Matthew. You are awesome!”

Carol B., 7/25/14

“Thank you so much. You have been beyond accommodating and helpful :) I will keep you posted and I appreciate your honesty.”

Meghan L., 7/11/14

“Oh my, Matt. You are certainly quick and thorough, to say the least.”

Susan H., 7/1/14

Great thanks! You've really been a pleasure though this whole ordeal, Matthew. We really appreciate it!”

Pamela F., 6/25/14

“Good Morning Matt - We will definitely spread the word and we look forward to our time next year on Eleuthera. We will also be certain to provide an excellent review/referral next year on the Hearts Ease page of your tremendous commitment. I looked at your buttonwood reserve link below - very impressive what you have done and are doing. It is very obvious that you and your team are doing everything the right way and are really creating a wonderful development - congratulations. Thank you again very much Matt and we will keep in touch. Have a great week.”

Terry and Mary D., 5/12/14

“That's awesome man, thank you for all of your help. It is really nice when people are as knowledgeable and helpful as you have been.”

Chad S., 5/11/14

“Again, your customer service is off the chart! It's been a great experience. I've been hyping you guys up through my different social media outlets.”

Travis H. 4/22/14

“Thank you so much for all your help. You are wonderful!”

Tobi M., 4/7/14

“Please do send me a link for VRBO…happy to do a review…and of course, happy to mention Matthew…he was extremely helpful.”

Sarah W., 4/7/14

“Also is there any way I could write a positive review for you (I.e yelp, etc?) you have been soooooo helpful!”

Anna G., 4/5/14

“Thank you. You have been terrific to us. You have always answered us in a timely way with as much info as you can. I so appreciate this.” “Tim & I love Eleuthera. We love that it is low keyed and quiet.”

Portia C., 3/31/14

“I do want to be able to say how we feel about Matt Simon (and his team) and his marvelous service/communications, etc. in the booking/rental process....”

Brenda H., 3/19/14

“Thanks for your reply with all your great info!!! You are the BEST and I refer so many others who ask about Eleuthera rentals to you. I"ve raved about you on Trip Advisor too!”

Mary Ann L., 3/13/14

“Thank you SO much for your speedy and comprehensive reply Matthew! I am sorry it has taken me this long to respond. I really appreciate all that you have helped us with - you're amazing in terms of customer service and knowledge etc.”

Libby B., 3/3/14

“You are a great ambassador for the island.”

Laurel M., 2/21/14

“I have to tell you also that you have been so great to work with. I haven't even visited Eleuthera yet & I already know that we will be going there again. I will definitely contact you at that time.”

Doreen C., 2/19/14

“You have gone above and beyond and I thank you for all your amazing help. I've already had someone ask for your info so I hope to give you many referrals going forward.”

Astri W., 2/18/14

“Oh, you are GOOD!! Thanks again, Matt. You are seriously the BEST.”

Astri W., 2/10/14

“What would I do without you?”

Brenda H., 2/8/14

“Thanks for all your help. I believe you are by far the most helpful person I have ever dealt with when booking/planning a vacation. Keep up the great work.”

Nick R., 1/29/14

“Thank you so very much. I appreciate all your help and your patience as I nagged my hubby to commit!!”

Kerri W., 1/22/14

“Hi Matt - You have been awesome but our plans have changed. I hope I can come back to you in the future. Thank you again for all of your efforts.”

Stephen B., 1/22/14

“Thank you Matt, you are always a well of info! Next time I'm in the area, I'd like to meet you in person!”

Alexa S., 1/20/14

Testimonials 2013

“Man, you've been awesome to work with; we appreciate all your help!”

Heath D., 06/05/13

“It is well-known that everyone loves Matt Simon. Again, I cannot thank you enough for the wonderful experience of Eleuthera.”

Susan L., 06/17/13

“Hello Matthew. Thank you for your prompt responses and the email yesterday with so much useful information! I spent all day yesterday reading your recommendations and following your links. It was so helpful!”

Wendy L., 06/18/13

“Really-- I have dealt with a pile of property management companies and individual agents and brokers over 30 years+, and there have been a small handful who really deliver. And I set a high bar. My husband and I expect Four Seasons type service. You are on the top my friend!”

Debbie, 08/22/13

“I must say that you are the most attentive and responsive property manager with whom I have ever dealt. Your attentiveness makes a person feel very comfortable in making a rental decision.”

Teresa H., 08/27/13

“Thanks so much Matt! You have been very patient, helpful and informative throughout this entire process…We are quite happy we found you. Thanks again”

Steve E., 06/27/13

“Thank you for being so great and patient in answering all my questions, since we are so many traveling it’s a lot of coordinating and making sure everyone is ok with the plans.”

Nathalie P., 06/28/13

“Thanks, Matt! You’re always prompt and knowledgeable.”

Rosemary W., 07/09/13

“Thank you so much for your response and for all the info! It really helps when one is on the other side of the earth trying to figure out where to go and where to stay and it's all so unfamiliar.” “I’ve been corresponding with the most divine, helpful (and patient!) guy called Matt Simon while going back and forth trying to find a property that we both feel will work.”

Marisa T., 07/09/13

“Thank you for your quick reply. I have to get a consensus from all parties, and as they just got this information from you, it may take a day or two. This place looks really terrific. You really are a true professional in the way you give information. I thank you profusely!”

J Ann F., 07/09/13

“To Matt...Your customer service was super! From answering my initial inquiry right away and being patient with all my questions before we made a decision and booked.” “Tara...thanks for the arrival check-up email and now this departure check-up email.” “You guys made us more than happy that we selected you 'home' for our family's staycation. I will be sure to recommend you guys to anyone looking for a rental when in GH!” It's truly better in our Bahamas!”

Letitia G., 07/16/13

“Matt, thanks so much for all of your help (and patience!) through this. Different travelers on trip advisor had positive things to say about you, too, so I knew we were in good hands! I appreciate the “Things to do on Eleuthera” pdf you emailed early on as well and will be studying it as we go along in our vacation plans.”

Doris C., 07/23/13

“Hey Matt, you are just fabulous, and very appreciated!!! Thanks for all your time & help. You are invaluable!!! THANK YOU.”

Judy B., 08/05/13

“We are so excited and cannot wait to get there. Again, you have been a very big reason as to why we want to book this. Other than the beautiful house/property that is. : ). Thank you, again.”

Deborah R., 08/09/13

“I will be in contact and would love to book Buttonwood Reserve, if it's available when we plan to come. Thank you, Matt for all your help! Your assistance has been outstanding. You've only convinced us that we are sure we want visit Eleuthera. We will book with you sometime in the near future & I will hold on to your contact info, and gladly pass it along. Thank you again!”

Rachelle M., 08/10/13

“I told Michelle that you have been awesome for us, in terms of giving us some super options for rental properties. You were so prompt and knowledgeable - thanks so much!!!”

Libby B., 08/12/13

“We will be back for sure. You and Matt were very helpful and we appreciate it.”

Brian B., 08/14/13

“Thank You Matt! You really are the “Go to Guy" on all things relating to this island trip. What a lucky find.”

Marisa T., 08/14/13

“Wanted to thank Matt for such “great service” and being so patient with our 100 questions. We will definitely be referring clients to your house. Everybody thought the house was wonderful and the island was great.”

Brad K., 08/20/13

"Three weeks before Spring Break, I looked on the Homeaway website to try to find a villa to rent on Eleuthera island in the Bahamas. A few hours later I was receiving a response from Julianna Parker, from Eleuthera Vacation Rentals. She was wonderful, very nice and very helpful throughout the organization of our trip. The villa I had seen was already booked, and she came up right away with a few other proposals. She put us in contact with another person for help with a flight to North Eleuthera, which solved that problem. She sent us lot of detailed information on the island, activities, restaurants, maps... She also helped us during our stay when we were looking for new restaurants. And she also helped us the day after we returned as the airline company had lost one of our luggage!Julianna is a great person to work with. It makes everything so much easier so thank you again and I'm looking forward to organizing another trip with your help, and will recommend EVR to my friends!" Gerard S. March 31, 2013 “Thanks Matt for all of your help, for all of your patience, for your positive attitude and emails and for your general greatness via email and helping book it etc. I really appreciated you!”

Carlye G., 08/28/13

“As well, thought you might be interested in some feedback regarding your property manager, Matthew Simon. Matthew has been the consummate professional. His response time is second to none. He is always, and I mean 100% of the time, immediately available. He is a wealth of valuable information, resources and advice. He never seems to have just one option but always has an extensive list of choices to draw from. He has answered my many (my husband says “unending”) questions with enthusiasm, alacrity and professionalism. I particularly appreciate that he will send a response almost immediately to either answer my questions or inform me that he will get back to me. That way I am not left wondering for several days, or having to resend my communication. That is true quality service. As veteran travelers, we have encountered everything from Four Seasons hospitality, to Motel 8 style indifference. There are very few who have attained the kind of added value service and responsiveness that I have found to be consistent with Matthew. He is such a pleasure to deal with, and unique to his business. You are very fortunate to have him represent you. As I write this, I know I will be emailing more questions to him, and it is such a relief to know I can count on him to reply and deliver. He has really taken a lot of the stress out of coordinating a large family holiday!”

Debbie G., 08/28/13

“Thanks Matt - we will take a look at your suggestions. You've been a tremendous help so far.”

Melissa A., 09/05/13

“Thank you for your help and your patience. You are wonderful!”

Teresa H., 09/11/13

“WOW” “Thanks Matt you are a real find! We are so excited about our trip and with all your kindness and enthusiastic tips I am certain it will be wonderful.”

Sara C., 09/25/13

“I really think you go the extra mile for your clients.”

Adam K., 09/28/13

“Cool. Thanks. You have been awesome. Any recommendations you need let me know.”

Ty C., 10/01/13

“Thank you so much for all the other information - you are good at your job.”

Carole G., 10/06/13

“I cannot believe how quickly you reply; thank you so much!”

Lisa O., 10/07/13

“You are the most efficient person ever. If you ever need recommendations for another job - I would write one for you. Thank you for all the answers to my questions.”

Carole G., 10/07/13

“You're amazing! “

Marva M., 10/21/13

“Excellent. My wife is taking another look at some of the other houses you recommended. We were originally looking at Key West v. Eleuthera (my wife had been leaning toward Key West). By finding you – we decided on Eleuthera.”

Tom M., 11/08/13

“But Matt was being all the time so helpful and very quick in answering all our questions and requests so far. Giving us lots of information to make our decision easy. We are very excited to stay in your home, which looks wonderful on the internet and hope to have a great vacation.”

Kieu R., 11/08/13

“We do try to travel to a vacation home every year, and I have to tell you that I hope to be able to rent one of the homes you represent with my family in the near future! You were more than wonderful, truly the best home representative that I have ever dealt with and so extremely patient and helpful!!! Thank you so very much for all that you have done, and I am sorry not to be renting with you at this time. The good news is I have a great list of homes in Eleuthera that I hope to be in contact with you about in the future, and then I won’t have to ask you so many questions again. Thank you again so very much Matt. You were awesome!!!!!! Take care and I hope to cross paths at some point!”

Stephanie M., 11/10/13

“For sure - very favorably impressed with your follow-up and positive reviews about you personally.”

Maila, 11/11/13

“You’re a real professional. I promise you will be the one I call on my next trip.”

Tim D., 11/20/13

“Thanks. I've been dealing with real estate agents and brokers in the Bahamas for 25 years. You appear to have it together. It usually takes 2 weeks to get a return call. I'm a very straight forward person. Hopefully, we can put something together. Thanks”

Joseph M., 12/08/13

“Thank you so much for the quick response are wonderful.” “Thank you again have been great in answering all our questions.”

Susan G., 12/24/13

“Matthew, thank you for your superior help throughout this process! Your knowledge and professionalism have made this trip a pleasure to plan!”

Melissa C., 01/15/13

“Matt, you have been wonderful and provided terrific information on all fronts.”

Anna M., 01/23/13

“…We’ll be sure to recommend you as well. For first timers that were nervous about renting a house, you really did put our mind at ease with your quick and detailed responses to all of our questions. I'm quite sure that you haven't heard the last of us.”

Kevin K., 02/16/13

“Thank you so much. I cannot believe how quickly you get back!”

Kirsten K., 02/19/13

“The estate manager provided great service, answering questions quickly and thoroughly, with great suggestions and advice for our stay.”

Jessica S., 02/26/13

“I want to express my sincere gratitude with all you help & advise these last few weeks. I know it's your job, but you do it very well, and I appreciate it.”

Tammy K., 03/06/13

“My only wish, Matt, would be that we would have worked together in my business life...cause you are “awesome” Thanks so much for your attention to the details.”

Brenda F., 03/09/13

“Matt, thanks again for your help in our planning. You are most professional and always returned phone calls and answered emails so promptly.”

Rexanne F., 03/26/13

Testimonials 2012

“Thank you, Matthew. You've been so nice and your "customer service" way above par.”

Deborah R., 08/02/12

“Nice talking to you yesterday, thank you for your friendliness and for the wealth of information that you have given us, it is really appreciated. You are doing your job very professionally and it is a pleasure dealing with somebody like you.”

Alberto G., 06/04/12

“Matt, you have been absolutely the best in helping us connect so we could have a place to stay and wheels to go. Your words of advice have been of great value in preparing us for the trip. Thank you so very much for taking the time to help us.”

Diana L., 06/21/12

“Wow! You are an abundance of information. I am so glad to come in contact with you!”

Leigh Anne S., 06/21/12

“Your service is impeccable!”

Todd B., 07/06/12

“Thanks for taking the time to follow up and check in with us. As always, you have been so professional and pleasant to work with.”

Marcia M., 07/11/12

”This was all falling apart had it not been for your intervention. You truly are a lifesaver! I can't thank you enough.”

Maria R., 07/11/12

“You are a star...most people disappoint but you never seem to...thank you”

Patrick M., 07/15/12

“I love love love your immediate answers.”

Karin G., 07/17/12

“WOW WOW WOW, You are awesome – so many choices.”

Cindy Y., 08/02/12

“This could not have happened without your prompt professionalism--thank you.”

Mark C., 08/11/12

“We made the right choice, and in big part is because of you, so just to give one more time thanks for all.”

Gabriel S., 08/25/12

“It might cheer you to know I've now read most of the reviews of all your Eleuthera listings. Wow! I've read plenty of positive reviews before, but none so frequently laudatory about the agent involved. I’m very glad, and lucky, to have run into you.”

Anthony H., 08/31/12

“Matt- You are the best. Thank you for going the extra step to tell me about flights. That information saved me so much time.”

Adrienne C., 09/13/12

“You've more than earned this commission! Was looking at some of your other listings.... quite impressive.”

Vic H., 09/21/12

“Thank you Matt. I was very impressed with your response and excellent information. Consider yourself bookmarked.”

Holly M., 09/26/12

“I want to compliment you on your website. I realize there are other rental sites for Eleuthera, but not many, and I feel that some people who have not rented before shy away from the concept, so they may not want to book independently say on VRBO. But a site like yours is really nice and user-friendly.”

Laurel M., 10/03/12

“Thanks to you and your sister we will be able to get to Eleuthera in one day. You guys are so attentive and just so ready to jump in and help people immediately. It is very refreshing that you are so helpful to total strangers. Can't thank you enough.”

Linda S., 10/27/12

“I wish you rented property everywhere! I am really surprised by your attentive and prompt response.”

Tiziana B., 10/30/12

“Thank you for your help on this. I would recommend you and your services to anyone interested in visiting beautiful Eleuthera!”

Carole B., 11/30/12

“You are an amazing professional. I cannot thank you enough for your incredible commitment, attention to detail and responsiveness. Please let me know where I may comment on the internet to compliment you. I know I can do it on TripAdvisor and on the Homeaway site.”

Eileen E., 12/02/12

“Thank you for being so efficient!! Nowadays it is difficult to find people who take care of things so quick!!”

Cristina A., 12/03/12

“I've been really impressed by the way you've handled our reservation and I like your website.”

Mary R., 12/12/12

“Thank you for all your prompt, polite and helpful service throughout the year.”

Eileen G., 12/20/12